Here at Carmichael's our motto is “Customer Care” we consider the client’s needs, we consider the environment in which we all work and live. We consider professionalism, efficiency and value for money as the cornerstones of our business

Carmichael's offer a paint stripping service in the North East second to none for wood and cast iron items. This is achieved in the most efficient manor, especially with our specifically constructed dry room. This allows us to dry the wooden items in a controlled environment, which allows us to maintain the highest quality

We can revitalise your tired painted doors with our bespoke paint and door stripping service. This gives the door to a new lease of life and create a fantastic statement within your home

Services we offer are:

  • Free Quotes
  • Door and Furniture Stripping
  • Before and After Photographs
  • A door location system to save you time identifying returned doors
  • Collection and Return Service Available

With our combined experience of 25 years in stripping doors and furniture we treat all pieces with the respect they deserve, to bring the very best out in the item. If you are looking for people who care and take great pride in their work are looking in the right place

We take the time to listen to client to provide the best solutions. For more information on all our services or for some advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0191 234 0031